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Note for the Parents

PARENT TEACHER MEETING -,We strongly believe that a child is more likely to develop if there is an effective partnership between the school and the parents . Parents- Teacher meetings are held regularly to monitor the progress of each child. Parents can also discuss with teachers on Saturdays between 9.00a.m to 11.00a.m by phone.


Suggestion To Parents

  • Please ensure that your child comes to the school in proper and neat school uniform (A handkerchief should be pinned up on the child's dress).
  • A napkin , spoon and a fork should be there with the tiffin of a child.
  • Name of the child should be written on each belonging of the child .Do not allow your child to bring costly / dangerous items to the school.
  • Absence of your child from school for attending social functions should be discouraged. It is essential that the school should be informed when a child is unable to attend the school .Children should not be absent on the closing day / reopening day or whenever there is a school function.
  • Since the child will be observed on the basis of their regular performance , parents are advised to make their child attend the class regularly . Check your child’s diary carefully whenever it is sent.
  • Irregular attendance of your child ,unjustified or unexplained absence, habitual late coming disobedience or objectionable behavior of any kind may result in the removal of the child from the school or heavy fine.
  • If leave is required an application in writing must be made to the principal by the parents or the guardian at least one day in advance or after rejoining the school.
  • In order to complete a child's pending work ( work done in the class during his absence ) Parents / guardians must meet with the class or subject teacher / principal for help .
  • To receive the child back from the school ,Some one should be there at the gate .If a child is wanted back at home urgently for any reason during school hours ,the escort should have a written note from the parents bearing the signature identical to his/her specimen signature entered in the admission from /diary.
  • Books and notebooks of the child should be covered or stuck again if torn.
  • It is compulsory for each child to have same type of note books , books and stationary items as prescribed in the book list.
  • It is compulsory for each child to wear appropriate school’s uniform in summer and winter.
  • The role of a child in Annual Function will be decided by the class teacher or dance teacher. It is compulsory for each child to participate in the Annual Function.
  • If the child is not making desired progress,discuss with the Principal or vice principal with prior appointment .
  • If the child is not getting proper care in the school , discuss with the Principal or vice principal with prior appointment .
  • Guardians will not visit their ward or teachers in the class rooms without the permission of Head Mistress/Principal.
  • One month notice in writing is required to withdraw a child from the school one month fee is Charged. Deposited fee will not be refundable .
  • Private transport is available. Though adequate care is taken for the safety of the children, the school is not responsible for any accident, mishap or injury that may occur in or around the school premises during travel.
  • You will be proud of your child if you care for him / her.
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